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Basic Aero, Inc is located in Northeast Tennessee with a hangar located at Johnson County Airport, (6A4). We offer General Aviation Services to basically all the General Aviation Fleet, from the infamous Piper J3 Cub to most light Corporate Jets. Our goal is to employ three IAs and two A&Ps, along with the supporting staff. These Technicians will be constantly embarking on a vigorous training program which will include training at the infamous Flight Safety Facility in Oklahoma.  Few maintenance facilities employ one IA, we will have multiple; and our A&Ps will be training to achieve their IA Certifications. This, constant training, will ensure that the flying community will enjoy the most efficient Aircraft service and the SAFEST aircraft possible.

Basic Aero, Inc believes strongly in having the right tools for the job. We have, and will continue, to invest heavily in the latest, state of the art tooling available. Again, what this means is that we will produce the SAFEST aircraft possible in the most efficient way possible. Basic Aero, Inc operates TWO completely tooled service vehicles to support any maintenance needs in the area. If you cannot get to us, we will come to you.

Basic Aero, Inc not only performs Yearly Annuals, but we can proficiently troubleshoot specific discrepancies and squawks, perform dynamic propellor and engine vibration balancing, engine changes, Complete Aircraft Restoration, phase inspections, and sheet metal repairs. We are your Complete Aircraft Maintenance Solution.


Basic Aero, Inc is a focused group of individuals who compromise a well-structured team to support the General Aviation Community of Northeastern Tennessee. All the individuals are immersed in continual training and upward Certification pathways to ensure continual personal growth in their respective specific aeronautical proficiencies. We believe that personal growth is imperative for, not only the company, but for the individual as a person.

This pro-active approach to self-awareness and continual upward mobility sets us apart from any other Aviation Maintenance company in the area.


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