Whether you're in a Piper Cub or an airliner full of passengers, Basic Aero will quickly respond to your maintenance dilemma anytime around the clock. However big or small your maintenance needs, we will help you reach a safe solution.


  • Completely dismantle the aircraft and correct any corrosion and damage
  • Aircraft is stripped by a Media Blaster utilizing "Walnut Shell" abrasive to protect all surfaces from erosion
  • New factory engines or rebuilt engines will be installed including everything new"firewall forward"
  • A quality paint finish is applied with a personalized design.
  • All accessories, fixtures, interior trim, windows, seats, and seatbelts are placed
  • All avionics are replaced if needed and updated to include quality Nav, Comm, GPS, and ADSB


We specialize in quality maintenance for:

Engine/Airframe Dynamic Balancing

Single Engine Aircraft

Multi-Engine Aircraft

Turbine Powered Aircraft

Corporate Jet Aircraft


Aircraft Maintenance Management

WITH routine checks, servicing, and TLC flights available!

Live tracking of time items and maintenance programs!

Ask about getting onto our list for monthly, weekly, or even daily service checks on your aircraft.

Does your engine spend too much time setting still?

NEW! FULL SERVICE Aircraft Maintenance Management

WITH routine checks, servicing, and TLC flights available!

Live tracking of time items and maintenance programs!

  • 24/7 access to a live status report for each of your aircraft on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Update your aircraft times
  • Print live dispatch sheets
  • Enter squawks

You should never have to worry about finding unwanted surprises like a low tire or finding oxygen is empty when you show up for a flight. We will keep all your tires, fluids, accumulators, and reservoirs serviced and ready for your next flight on a schedule that is tailored to your specific operations.

We will keep your service times up to date and leave an updated status sheet in the aircraft after each check.

As we all know, the worst thing an aircraft, and especially its engine, can do is not fly. But taking time out of your busy schedule to give it the TLC it needs can be very difficult.

We have qualified professional pilots who can take your aircraft up for routine Functional Check Flights. These short flights (typically once a month) can drastically improve the overall life of your engine, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

You will be able to see all your scheduled maintenance approaching long before it is due. BASIC Aero management will be notified automatically when an upcoming item is approaching, enabling us to plan ahead and minimize your down time.


Firewall-Forward Overhauls!

Whether you have engine/propeller repairs to make or a major overhaul to complete, we are an authorized engine service and installation center for some of the best overhaul facilities in the country.

We will do as much or as little as you request to fully restore all the systems and structures, firewall forward, while they are exposed.

New flammable fluid hoses New or restored engine baffles
New clamps and hardware Professionally inspected and restored engine mounts Meticulous routing and securing of plumbing and wiring to prevent future problems caused by chafing or stress
2 M and Laptop


Annual/100 hour
Jet and Turboprop Phase Inspections
Level III NDT in most methods.

Everything Else

AD and SB Research and Compliance
Maintenance Tracking
Preventive Maintenance and General Servicing
Air Conditioner Servicing and Repair
Cleaning & Detailing
Aircraft Purchasing and Sales
Electrical Diagnostics
Flight Control & Landing Gear Rigging
General Repairs and Alterations

Custom Aviation Furniture

We design and build one of a kind high quality furniture using aircraft parts.

Click here to check out our works

Call us for a quote.

Engine / Airframe Dynamic Balancing

Basic Aero offers Engine/Airframe Dynamic Balancing services to ensure smooth operation and improve the overall performance of aircraft. Our team of experienced technicians uses advanced equipment and techniques to measure and correct any imbalances in the engine or airframe. We conduct dynamic balancing tests for engines, rotors, and propellers, as well as for other rotating components, such as generators and pumps. We also provide airframe balancing services to reduce vibration and increase the lifespan of the aircraft. With our Engine/Airframe Dynamic Balancing services, we help to enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your aircraft, ensuring a comfortable and smooth flying experience.


Let's Have A Talk

We would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for considering us as your aviation partner.

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